Class Solution Participated in a Practical Training at Bruynzeel-Netherlands

While Class Solution is keen to improve its services, a number of the company’s technical staff were delegated for a practical training on the know-how of installation techniques for mobile storage and archiving system. The training sessions took place at our partner European company “Brunzeel Storage system” in the Netherlands for a duration of two full days.  The said company is regarded among prominent giant companies in the field of secured and efficient storage systems in the world. Such system can guarantee high confidentiality of information, being controlled through smart devices using special key words or passwords given to authorized persons. Further, the system enables multiplicity of spaces, and facilitates easy retrieval of sensitive and confidential documents or scripts particularly for those institutions with high confidentiality such as; banks, municipalities, libraries, museums, land registration, security, police, hospitals .. etc.

Participants in this practical training included representatives from United States of America, United Kingdom, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, and United Emirates.

It is worth mentioning that Class Solution is the sole representative of Bruynzeel Storage in Palestine, and has implemented a number of projects in the region.