Class Solution Concluded Participation in Orgatec Expo in Germany

29 Oct, 2022

Participation in the international Orgatec Expo held in Cologne city-Germany between 25-29 October 2022 has been concluded. The said Expo hosted the most dominant and pioneer international companies in the area of office work production lines, of relevance to furnishing private sector buildings, institutions’ premises, banks, theaters, hospitals, of which demonstrating innovative high-tech perspectives. European brands of which our company represents in Palestine, have had a tangible presence in this Expo, most importantly Estel Group, Sitland, and Fantoni in Italy, in addition to the Turkish BT Design, and other companies with multiple disciplines. Products of the international brands were diversified to include ready-made partitions, new systems in the field of acoustic cladding, floors, innovative designs of chairs and office furniture for different uses, theaters, accessories and cable management systems, in addition to interiors and mechanisms for division of open spaces.

On the side of the expo, our team participated in a number of technical lectures and workshops, as well as meetings with experts to obtain knowledge and the know-how techniques of these products that contribute in improving the work environment.